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Inspire Your Audience to Action

Kim helps your audience to awaken the wisdom within to create the experience of the life they want, while standing in the one they have. 

Her encouraging can-do spirit, real world experience and relevant, relatable stories engage your group in the conversation that they have the power to shape their future.


Starting. Right. Now. 


Your group will begin to see through new eyes, expand their view of what is possible and move into action to: 

  • Find their authentic voice

  • Shift from frustrated to focused 

  • Conquer self-sabotage

  • Step into a more empowered version of themselves

  • Create a resilient mindset



Kim’s practical life strategies and tools can be used immediately to help them meet their challenges with more confidence and courage to get their results.


What you can Expect



Kim connects with your group with relatable and relevant stories of awakening the power inside that impacts your audience to move into action. Her conviction will stir your heart and mind and inspire action.



Because of the audience interaction, portions of Kim’s talks are somewhat customized in the moment to ensure that your group gets an experience that fits their needs. And they will laugh with knowing laughter!


Expect real world experience, real world conversation and real world strategies.



Kim leaves your group with practical strategies and tools they can immediately use to meet their challenges with more confidence to reach their results.



Kim is easy to work with and will make sure that things go smoothly from start to finish.



Kim’s content, communication style and can-do spirit will be talked about for months and years after you have her present (making you look good for booking her).

2020 TALKS

  • Be Resilient and Ready to Rise to the Occasion

  • You Can Stop the Madness - Master the Mindset

  • Who do you THINK you are?

  • How selling out takes it’s Toll on your Soul

  • What is Holding you Back?

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