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REIMAGINE-to imagine again or anew
                 REDEFINE-to reevaluate or reexamine
                                REALIGN-to change one's position or attitude


Reimagine, Redefine, and Realign with who you are right now at this point in your life, this just might be the most important choice of your lifetime!




I help you build the confidence and courage to create the life you want while standing in the one you got. I help you get out of your own way and find your voice while standing in the struggle of the gap between …here and there.

My ‘keeping it real’ coaching conversations and processes will give you clarity on what is most relevant and important to you now at this point in your life, as you discover the self-limiting thoughts, self-limiting beliefs, and the disempowering stories that have been running you and shaping your life experiences giving you the life you got versus the one you want. 

You have the Wisdom-Within.

Here are some of the reasons people have hired me and why you might too.


  • You need help sorting THROUGH the “noise” and want to get clarity of how to approach an ‘out of your comfort zone’ situation. 


  • You need a sounding board in making an important decision. You are at a crossroad and want decision support, someone to provide objective, unbiased insight to make sure you are not ‘missing’ something. 


  • You need help finding the right words and approach for a difficult conversation that could be life changing and you don’t want to wing this one. 


  • You need help connecting the dots and taking the mystery out of what is getting in your way of you not getting what you want. 


  • You need an outside, experienced perspective before you launch into something new. You want someone to ask you the critical questions that could make a difference before you invest your time, money and energy.


Maybe you can relate?


Invest in Yourself – Invest in Your Future Self

  • It is time to step into a more empowered version of yourself and move through your reluctance to refocus and reprioritize what is relevant and important to you right now.

  • It is time to powerfully align your time, money and energy to get what you say you want in your life. It will never be the right time, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t the ‘best’ time.


When more of the same is not an option-

Call me to have a conversation and schedule your Sample Strategy Session.


Coaching engagements begin with a sample strategy session to determine if personal coaching is a fit for you and determine if I am the right personal coach for you. It is a one-time 45-minute conversation designed to give you the opportunity to experience what it would be like for us to work together.


There will be a few forms for you to complete prior to our call, which will enable a more productive strategy session.


I request that you bring a specific issue to our call. One that would have real value for you should we find new potential for you in this specific area of your life. By working with something specific, you will get a real sense of my approach and style. I look forward to an engaging conversation as we jointly assess your readiness for coaching and our fit as coach and coachee.


If you experience value in our conversation and are interested in working together, you will need to go through the application process. We will then discuss how we can customize your personal coaching experience and see what works best for your commitment, schedule and budget.


Working with me accelerates you getting the results you say you want for yourself – faster.

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